Retail & Leisure reliefs

Expanded retail rate relief (Errr…)

Expanded retail rate relief (Errr…)
2019/20 – 33% for qualifying retail properties.
2020/21 – 100% relief for all retail, hospitality and leisure properties and nurseries
2021/22 – 1st 3 months is 100% relief, followed by 9 months of 66% relief subject to a limit. That limit is £2m per business if you were required to be shut on 5 Jan 2021 or a limit of £105k if you were open.
What counts as retail? Generally, if you are open to the visiting public and provide a service or sales as the major use – then you should qualify.
The Government set out the various classes in a guidance document

What about those uses that are on the cusp of being retail, a wholesaler with a trade counter or a car servicing centre?  Here the definitions become quite tight, we use our own database of comparable examples to enforce uniformity with the applications we make.  We also supply photographs and survey plans when we discuss the “mainly used for” requirements.

We are delighted to work with clients on these borderline cases as the application process can often feel as if it is insensitive and unfair when dealing with the online application process.  We add value by formulating your case in advance of the application in order to make sure you are listened to and the Local Authority is given well presented information on these borderline cases where “the computer says NO”.